Guns In Cinema

Ever since we could show things on film, there have been people protesting that “You can’t show THAT on film!” The result is the long and complicated history of censorship (I’m sorry, “advisories”) in Hollywood. SUBSCRIBE: http://goo.gl/9AGRm

Is the X rating really just censorship in disguise? Why can movies show as much violence as they want and still merit an R, but not so much with the sex? We’ll take you back to the earliest days of cinema, and show you how ratings in Hollywood (and Hollywood’s home country, the U.S. of A.) got to the point they are today.

What did you think? Did we make you think differently about what movies you see, what movies you’d let your kids see, or what you find offensive? We talked a lot about the ratings system in America – but what about other countries?

Let us know in the comments!

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Who Is Your Favorite President?

Donald Trump talks about the one President he thinks commanded an unprecedented amount of respect.

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Houston For The Final Four

Totally enjoyed visiting Houston for the Final Four tournament last week. It was awesome and congrats to Villanova.

One thing that wasn’t awesome was one of my friends (who shall remain nameless) got into a little trouble with the law.

Seriously! Had to go to the jail downtown and bail him out. Do any of you know who Daniel Lazarine is? Well, I do.

Daniel Lazarine is a criminal attorney in Houston. We were very lucky to find him on his lawyer profile on a Google search.

Anyway, here’s the story….

Friend of mine, let’s call him Johnson, got arrested for “Minor in Possession” of all things.

Police, handcuffs, the whole deal.

On the way to the station, the police allowed him to search for his attorney on his cell phone. We noticed that he was listed under both Driving While Intoxicated – attorney, and for drug offenses, so we just called him.

Before we even got to the station, the police actually realized they had the wrong guy…pulled the squad car over and let my friend get into our car and dropped the whole thing. THANKS HOUSTON!

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